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Consumer Care Specialist - 6 Month FTC

Consumer Care Specialist - Part time, 6 Month FTC

Wimbledon, London

At Upfield our purpose is clear: we make people healthier and happier with nutritious and delicious, natural, plant-based products that are good for you, our planet; and with packaging that’s free from plastic.  We’ve got iconic brands like Rama, Country Crock, Blue Band and Flora that people all over the world know and love. We’ve been a trusted category leader since 1871 and yet we feel like we’re only just getting started.

Performance, Passion and Care define who we are as a company, how we work every day, and the responsibility we feel toward our Associates, our consumers, our business partners and our world.

We have big ambitions to grow this business and we want to attract the right people – those that love what they do, thrive on responsibility and are looking for career defining opportunities.

About the Role!

Customer care specialists are the employees who are responsible for running a company’s customer care hotline. Those who get to the specialist level often have a few years of experience working in a call center. They understand how to efficiently address customer concerns and maintain a high customer retention rate. Customer care specialists are also experts on the product or service offered by their company. Almost every industry employs customer care specialists. Automotive, life insurance, and health insurance companies are some of their biggest employers. There are also a lot of jobs with software and consumer electronics companies. When it comes to work environment, customer care specialists spend their days in call centers using answering software to converse with customers. Since some brands maintain a 24/7 customer service hotline, customer service specialists may have to work nights and weekends.

Job Purpose:

The role of the Customer Care Specialist is typically a leadership position. In addition to their customer service responsibilities, they train and mentor new employees on call center best practices. According to the National Bureau of Labor Statistics, demand for “Customer Service Representatives,” which includes customer care specialists, is set to rise 5 percent through 2026.

Main Responsibilities

Providing quality customer care includes several different tasks. We perused customer care specialist job descriptions to procure the following list of core responsibilities:

Provide Excellent Customer Care 

Providing top-notch customer service is customer care specialists’ primary responsibility. They need to have strong verbal communication skills to respond to customers through phone and live chat, as well as written communication skills to provide care through email.

Review Customer Complaints and Take Appropriate Action

Customer care specialists rely on analytical skills to look at each customer complaint and take note of larger trends. They also craft responses and use their analysis to write scripts for customer care support team members.

Serve as Liaison Between Management and Customer Support Team

If the customer care support team has an issue, they rely on the customer care specialist to communicate this issue with management. This duty requires good communication and conflict management skills.

Document all Customer Interactions

Customer care specialists are responsible for documenting all customer interactions with the support team. This includes things like digitally filing call recordings and entering call results into customer relationship management software.

Create and Present Weekly Reports to Management

Customer care specialists need to know how to use spreadsheets and customer relationship management software to track customer customer care metrics and create weekly reports for their managers.

Train New Call Center Employees

Customer care specialists are expected to use their years of experience and strong knowledge of their company’s products and services to train new employees. Whether they eventually get promoted to management depends on their success as a trainer.

Customer Care Specialist Skills

The role of customer care specialist requires a blend of technical knowledge and interpersonal skills. The best customer care specialists are experts in the products or services offered by their companies. This expertise varies in complexity depending upon one’s industry. Customer care specialists need to have a high level of patience and maintain professionalism at all times. They must also have excellent conflict management skills. Besides these traits and areas of knowledge, the following skills are needed to secure a job as a customer care specialist:

  • Using knowledge of email and written communication skills to provide customer care through email software
  • Using product and service knowledge to answer customer questions
  • Serving as a liaison between management and customer care support team
  • Documenting every interaction between customers and support team
  • Crafting and presenting weekly customer care reports to management

Customer Care Specialist Tools of the Trade

  • Customer Relationship Management Software – Software used to track all interactions between customers and call center employees
  • Spreadsheets – Spreadsheets used to track customer call data and craft weekly reports