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Area Sales Manager




Job Position: Area Sales Manager

Function: CD                     


Reports to: RM

Scope:   RM Region


Location: Assigned Area / Channel


Business Context and Main Purpose of the Job


General Trade contributes 58% to Upfield total sales and Winning in GT channel is crucial in sustaining top-line and in ensuring competitiveness through growing market nationally.

Area Sales Manager is responsible for the company’s General Trade business in the Region. He has to manage the distributors in the area and resources requirement by each distributor for business operation. ASM is directly responsible for the monthly primary sales target and secondary sales by distributor sales representative. ASM is also responsible identifying the growth opportunities, new business opportunities for the territory and area. He needs to contribute in strategy planning for the future and territory, distributor and outlet management.



Main Accountabilities


Ares Sales Manager will be working in a dynamic sales environment; he/she will be responsible for driving, negotiating with operators / customers on driving sales consistently ensuring OTIF implementation of launch/ relaunch/ brand & trade activities across the area.

The ideal candidate will possess a demonstrated ability to lead Teams, inspire & motivate towards delivering high level of results with the ability to pro-actively drive differentiated actions to win in the marketplace by winning customer and operator. Some of the key areas of responsibility are as follows:


1.      Territory Management


a.      Ensure each territory in the area is properly managed to ensure the BP ROWC is in line with the plan.  



2.      Distributor Management

a.      Ensure the resources requirement of each BP needs to be 100% in place all the time.

b.      Ensure the infrastructure requirement of BP is fulfil 100% all the time. 


3.      Outlet / Customer / Operator Management

a.      Ensure all the outlets/ Customers / Operators are service

b.      Ensure effective itinerary planning (Cost optimization)

c.       Ensure OSA, NPD, Listing etc. OTIF





















  1. Area – Territory – SR secondary sales target
  2. Area - 100% OTIF delivery of agreed activities
  3. Top operator / Customer performance loyalty targets
  4. Maintain right team and Quarterly Review of Progress




  1. Secondary Sales
    1. Weekly Secondary dales by SR.
    2. Weekly Secondary sales by Territory.
  2. Primary sales
    1. Weekly Primary sales by distributor
    2. Weekly Primary sales by area.
    3. Weekly Primary sales by SKU.
    1. Field coaching.
    2. Classroom training on selling / handling objections etc.
    1. Conduct progress review with the area team together with RM
    2. Ensure effective utilization of POS materials/UF properties.





  1. Comprehensive Sales training program.                              
  2. Field Coaching
    1. Sales reps on the Job training
    2. Demonstrations and hands on
  3. Team building /Team Management program
  4. Objection Handling /Customer persuasion