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Product Technologist Fat Structuring

 Fat structure in food emulsion system is complex but interesting, we do not have to tell you, and I believe you are very much aware of that. Being an expert in Fat Structuring you know the scientific challenges your role brings, and you always thrive on that. Help us understand fat structuring in spread, cheese and cream on a molecular level in this newly created role as Product Technologist Fat Structuring. 


Location: Wageningen 



About the position 

In our new R&D center in Wageningen your expertise in fat structuring will enable us to develop the right fat solution to meet different consumer and/or market needs. You will not only help to build internal expertise in fat structuring across different product categories, but also develop solutions to create fully plant based, natural, AND tasty products for our consumers.


So what are the key objectives / projects you will deliver in the first year?


  • Fully understand and map up the role of different fat structure in cream, cheese and spread, including behavior under different processing conditions and relationship with other ingredients like protein, starch in food emulsion.
  • Exploring and developing new fat (eg: oleogel, microbial lipid, non-triglyceride oil structuring agent) in spread, cream, and cheese.




So what does it take to be successful in this role? 


Maybe you have worked or studied in a similar role for the past 3 years and are now ready to act as a subject matter expert of Fat Structuring. You need to at least speak the language of fat structure (eg: crystallization, alpha, beta, beta prime…) and also be familiar with equipment like DSC, X-ray, Scanning and Polarized microscope. Also, it will be even better if you have fundamental knowledge in vegetable oils and fats processing. Most importantly, you like to work with multidiscipline stakeholders, confident to speak up and dare to lead.



What’s next 

If this position sounds interesting, please hit the apply button now! If you have additional questions, you can send myself, Andre Vleeming an email on  



We understand your resume might not be up to date, we recommend that you apply with what you have or your LinkedIn Profile. Upfield is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse workplace, we understand that you might not hit all the requirements stated in the description, but we encourage you to apply anyway. You might be the right candidate for this role or other roles.  

We prefer to receive your application before 9th  of December. The first stage of the process will be a Video interview with me. 



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