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R&D Digital Process and system analyst

Are you excited to implement efficient innovation systems and processes? As an R&D Data Analyst, you will be the R&D expert in designing and generating meaningful data analyses and reports to constantly improve the efficiency of our innovations towards a better plant-based future! 

Location: Wageningen, Netherlands 


About the position 

You will work within the innovation management team and be the data analyst supporting innovation analysis and improvement. You will be responsible for setting up analysis tools able to connect data sets across our various innovation systems, to support operational improvement and strategic decisions.  

So what are the key objectives / projects you will deliver in the first year?   

  • Set up the relevant data analysis tools to review and report digital innovation metrics. 
  • Integrate data from various platforms:  
    -Specifications management system
    -Innovation project management database
    -Technical digital systems evaluating safety and compliance of innovation
    -Consumer technical insights
    -Business performance database.
  • Train colleagues to use the data analytics you will have set up.
  • Contribute to setting up a robust digital innovation management system. 
  • Support initiatives coming from the internal stakeholders to optimize Upfield’s systems. 

So what does it take to be successful in this role? 

Maybe you have worked in a similar role for the past 2 to 5 years working in Innovation management and project management support within professional services. You must have a very structured mindset, with highly logical reasoning. You have a passion for details, errorless delivery, but are also able to step back and see the big picture. You must see systems as a tool to deliver fast and efficient innovation for our plant-based future.  

We are looking for a strong team player, who is capable of proposing new ways of analyzing data. You need to be a data analysist, with some coding experience, and have strong Knowledge of systems such as SAP, PLM, Power BI , and of course Microsoft Office. Please be aware this is not an IT developer position; it is a data analyst position. 


What’s next  

If this position sounds interesting, please hit the apply button now! If you have additional questions, you can send myself, Andre Vleeming an email: andre.vleeming@upfield.com   

We understand your resume might not be up to date and recommend that you apply with what you have or your LinkedIn Profile. Upfield is dedicated to building an inclusive and diverse workplace, we understand that you might not meet all the requirements stated in the description, but we encourage you to apply anyway. You might be the right candidate for this role or other roles.  


We prefer to receive your application before the 19th of May. The first stage of the process will be a Video interview with me, or my colleague Milou. 


Upfield is an employer committed to diversity and inclusion in the workplace and equal opportunities for all. We recruit based only on values, qualifications, performance, skills, behaviours, experience, and knowledge. We ensure job advertisements are free from unintentional bias.    


No personal characteristics should be a barrier to joining Upfield. We prohibit discrimination and harassment based on race, color, sex, religion, sexual orientation, national origin, disability, genetic information, pregnancy, or other personal characteristics.   



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