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How We’re Supporting SDGs Through Community Involvement

At Upfield, we have a vision for A Better Plant-Based Future: we know that a reduction in meat and dairy intake across the world is needed to improve people’s health and to protect our planet from the effects of climate change. However, this is not enough – we also need business to work towards the UN’s Sustainable Development Goals by working with local communities to improve health and support livelihoods.

Hunger and malnutrition are issues that cannot be tackled without the help of business. That is why our iconic Blue Band brand is working with communities in Indonesia and Kenya, with the goal of helping one hundred million children to have a great start to their day with a nutritious, balanced breakfast. Through this programme, we hope to create lasting change to childhood nutrition, combat childhood stunting rates, and reduce the risk of NCDs like diabetes, cholesterol and coronary heart disease.

Upfield also aims to promote gender equality by economically empowering ten thousand Indonesian women to become entrepreneurs, through launching their own bakeries where they can create and sell their own products.

Watch our video on 50 Sustainability and Climate Leaders about the Blue Band Breakfast Programme to find out more:

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