Upfield enters into strategic partnership with OGGS, a leading producer of plant-based egg alternatives - Upfield

Upfield enters into strategic partnership with OGGS, a leading producer of plant-based egg alternatives

  • Upfield has partnered with the UK’s first and largest vegan bakery brand and leading producer of plant-based liquid egg alternatives
  • Investment in the egg alternative market solidifies Upfield’s position as the global leader in natural, alternative, sustainable plant-based food

Amsterdam, Netherlands, 09 February 2022. Upfield, the world’s largest plant–based food producer and global leader in plant-based butters, spreads, creams and cheeses, today announces that it has entered into a strategic partnership with Alternative Foods London Ltd (“Alternative Foods” or “OGGS®”), the UK-based egg alternative producer and leading vegan bakery, operating via its OGGS® brand. The partnership includes Upfield taking a minority stake in Alternative Foods.

Alternative Foods launched in 2019, offering a range of bakery products and liquid egg alternatives including OGGS® Aquafaba – unique patented liquid egg alternative and Scrambled OGGS®

This collaborative partnership provides an opportunity to accelerate towards a more sustainable, natural plant-based food system – a transition that forms part of the core strategy for both companies. Upfield and OGGS® will work together to expedite the growth of the already leading egg-alternative products, by leveraging Upfield’s global distribution network and food service channel, Upfield Professional. The partnership will also enable further R&D innovation in liquid egg alternatives and the plant-based protein category through collaboration with Upfield’s state-of-the-art Food Science Centre. 

Upfield and OGGS® align on providing natural plant-based products that meet consumer expectations around taste and nutrition. Through continuous innovation using natural ingredients, consumers are being given access to more allergen-free and sustainable options. In fact, a Life Cycle Assessment (LCA) of Upfield’s margarines and spreads found they have, on average, a 70% lower climate impact, occupy two-thirds less land and use less than half the water; while its plant-based cheeses have less than half the climate footprint and occupy less than one third of the land in comparison to their dairy equivalents. OGGS® has undertaken a similar LCA assessment for Aquafaba and Scrambled OGGS® which were found to have less than 70% Co2e in comparison to chicken eggs, proving plant-based alternatives to the non-vegan equivalents are the climate friendly choice for consumers.

Upfield has pledged to be 95% plastic free by 2030 and to display carbon footprint labels on half a billion products by 2025. Similarly, environmentally aware OGGS® has planted 6,000 trees and protected 60,000 trees in association with carbon offset company, 8 Billion Trees. It also uses 100% recycled plastic in its packaging and has saved enough CO2e to drive around the world 81 times through 2.2m fewer eggs being used in cooking and baking. 

Speaking on the partnership David Haines, Group CEO for Upfield, said, “Our vision for ‘A Better Plant-Based Future’ means we are dedicated to ensuring consumers have a range of choices to try plant-based diets. This partnership takes us into a new category of plant-based protein, enables us to offer even more options and we expect strong, sustainable growth. We have been aware of the innovative technology that OGGS® has been perfecting and we’re excited to become part of that and help drive the plant-based egg category forward through the combination of our global footprint and growing food service sector.”

Hannah Carter, Founder and CEO of Alternative Foods, added: “We are on a mission to remove unnecessary animal products from the food chain to improve the planet and animal welfare; i.e. the use of animal products that don’t provide nutritional benefit, such as egg white in bread. Our Egg Alternative range offers consumers tasty plant-based egg alternatives, and OGGS® provides food service and manufactures a viable liquid egg alternative for the first time, no longer limiting innovation.  

With Upfield as a partner, we can scale up distribution and awareness of our OGGS® Egg Alternative range; Aquafaba and Scrambled OGGS® and create positive change faster than we can achieve on our own.”

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