Upfield Joins the Global Shea Alliance - Upfield

Upfield Joins the Global Shea Alliance

Accra, Ghana, 15 March 2021 – Upfield, the global leader in plant-based nutrition and the leading producer of plant-based margarines, spreads and cheeses has joined the Global Shea  Alliance (GSA). Upfield has also registered as a GSA sustainability partner, committing to  promoting the sustainable development of the shea sector. Joining the Global Shea Alliance  is an important component of Upfield’s sustainability strategy. In addition to the company’s  Responsible Sourcing Policy and Human Rights Statement, Upfield’s position on shea will be  directed by the sustainability guidelines and implementation criteria laid out by the Global  Shea Alliance.

By joining the GSA, Upfield will work with NGOs, producer groups and women’s groups to  jointly advocate for shea production practices that benefit both people and planet.

Speaking on the membership, Upfield’s Head of Sustainability, Sally Smith, noted: “Upfield is  committed to the responsible and sustainable sourcing of all our ingredients. Whilst shea is  widely considered to be a sustainable crop, we also recognize the potential safety, labour,  environmental and economic risks associated with shea kernel collection and processing. We  are excited to work with the Global Shea Alliance and partners across the shea value chain to  help address these issues.” 

Simballa Sylla., President of the GSA said, ‘We are excited to have Upfield onboard! The  Global Shea Alliance welcomes their contributions to promoting the use of shea in the plant based products, a fast-growing sector that would drive additional economic opportunities to  women collectors/processors and their communities. We truly look forward to an exciting  partnership.”

Upfield will work with its suppliers to implement the GSA’s sustainability principles in their  shea sourcing supply chains in West Africa. Some of these principles include enabling  economic empowerment and increased income for collectors, improving the safety, health  and welfare of collectors, respecting land tenure rights, protection of women collectors,  implementing environmental protection and regeneration measures and improving  traceability.