Generation Plant is the future. Generation Plant is for everybody. All ages. All faces. And a love for all things plant-based. We believe that everyone should be able to access delicious, healthy foods.

Food banks

We are also proud to partner with food banks across the globe, to donate thousands of packs of plant-based spreads, creams and cheeses where we know they will make a difference. Especially during the COVID-19 pandemic, our donations have helped to keep people supplied with nutritious foods and to combat the food insecurity that is affecting more people than ever right now. Since we started our product donation programme in 2020, we have already donated over 270,000 kg of product. And we’re not stopping there. Each week, we offer new goods to non-profit hunger relief organisations.

Delicious Food

The future of food is plant-based and it tastes incredible

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Better Planet

We are building a sustainable food system

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Better Health

Embracing the good that plants can do for our bodies, and making it accessible to everybody

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