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Better Packaging

Our natural ingredients come from plants and we’re working to make sure our packaging does too. The packaging we use for our products is how we protect them against damage, minimise food waste and maintain our high standards of food safety and quality. Until now, our industry has relied on plastic as the optimal material to achieve these ends. We’re leading the charge in finding a new way.

95% Plastic-free

Our plastic packaging is recyclable, but we know that not all of it is recycled. That is why we have set ourselves the ambitious goal to innovate our way out of plastic by 2030. Going plastic-free is a huge task – we will harness the brainpower of the Upfielders in our R&D department, form collaborations, work with recycling organisations and achieve our goal.

By 2030, all of our new containers will be plastic replacements which will be reusable, recyclable or certified compostable. Already, the paper and cardboard we use is sustainably sourced, and is a renewable material. We value paper and cardboard as it can be made with high levels of recycled content. We have already started rolling out some plastic-free packaging, but there is plenty more to come.

Read our Plastic Free & Better Packaging Policy here.

Lower impact packaging

We are not just working to tackle plastic waste. We’re also committed to reducing the carbon footprint associated with our packaging when developing new packaging formats.

As always, we will track and measure this goal by conducting Life Cycle Assessments (LCA) on the impact of our packaging, and communicate about lower-impact packaging materials to encourage sustainable consumption. We are also rolling out carbon labelling on our packaging to promote environmental transparency to our consumers. Check out our work on carbon labelling here.

Pulp and Paper: 100% Sustainably Sourced

Our packaging uses pulp and paper and will continue to do so as we innovate our way out of plastic. We comply with Forest Stewardship Council (FSC) Standards, and we are committed to only using pulp and paper suppliers that are FSC-certified or equivalent (e.g. PEFC). Where viable, we use recycled material for our products. In 2018, approximately 60% of the paper we used was from recycled sources.

We focus on eliminating deforestation from our supply chain, as well as better understanding and addressing potential issues arising out of forest degradation and the reduction of biodiversity. That’s why we go to great lengths to carefully adhere to all local and national policies, sourcing from only FSC legally-harvested wood and from sustainable sources. Protection of high-carbon-stock forests, as well as protection of high conservation value sites, also drive our sustainability efforts.

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