Community Involvement

We care about the impact we have on our entire value chain. Our products and our operations have a global reach. We know the importance of fair treatment towards our suppliers, our consumers and everyone whose lives are touched by our operations. We aim to be a positive force within local communities. Providing economic opportunities for smallholders and women. Supporting local sourcing initiatives. Providing training and education. We are all Generation Plant, united by a mission to build a better plant-based future.

Blue Band and nutritious breakfasts – The Alliance for Good Breakfasts

Blue Band is on a mission to ensure a nutritious breakfast is an everyday reality for 100 million school children across Africa and Asia by making it readily available, affordable and desirable.

To drive universal access to the good breakfast initiative, Blue Band has created the Alliance for Good Breakfast – which brings together global experts, local NGOs, schools, parents and government agencies – to raise national awareness and initiate behaviour change programmes.

As part of this work, Blue Band runs campaigns on the importance of a good breakfast to children in Africa and Asian schools. Containing both omega 3 and 6, and fortified with vitamin A, Blue Band helps give children the nutritious start to the day that they need. This is an essential step towards healthier lives and better school performance.

Delicious Food

The future of food is plant-based and it tastes incredible

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Better Planet

We are building a sustainable food system

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Better Health

Embracing the good that plants can do for our bodies, and making it accessible to everybody

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