Responsible Sourcing

Plants such as palm fruit, sunflower, rapeseed, coconut and shea go into our products. It is our job to source our ingredients responsibly and sustainably, and we take that seriously.

You can read more about our responsible sourcing policy here.


As the leading global producer of plant-based spreads, our vision for a “Better Plant-Based Future” drives us to source ingredients for our products in a way that supports ecosystems and preserves our planet for future generations to come.

In response to the devastating impacts of deforestation, we are committed to responsibly sourcing our ingredients, including palm oil, soybean oil, shea, and packaging materials such as pulp and paper. We vet partners to verify compliance with our policies and maintain transparency. By doing this, we ensure deforestation doesn’t take place along our supply chains and help to drive industry transformation.

Satellite Monitoring and Verification

Certification is one important way we ensure that deforestation does not occur in our supply chains. We directly source 100% of our palm oil from physically certified sources and we are committed to monitor and verify compliance to our policy.

From September 2019, one way we are doing this is through a new partnership with Starling to use their innovative satellite monitoring technology. Starling, created by Airbus and Earthworm, uses high resolution imagery and radar data to monitor land cover changes. By mapping the location of mills within our supply chain we will be able to identify where deforestation may be occurring. Initially we will be piloting the system in Indonesia where 50% of our palm oil and 70% of the high risks mills in our supply chain are located. In 2020 we will extend its use to cover our global palm oil supply chain.

It is a huge challenge to totally eliminate deforestation but being able to start to track what is actually happening on the ground is a breakthrough which will enable faster and more targeted action.

Watch this video to see how the system works.

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