Happier People

Generation Plant is everyone, from chefs to nutritionists, farmers to civil society, companies to governments. We are working together to establish a sustainable food system – one that has plant-based foods at its heart.

We are devoted champions of this huge network, championing the voices that are helping to drive this change. We provide grants and support to entrepreneurs that educate and inspire communities to eat more planet-friendly foods. And we are making sure that the transition is inclusive too.

But none of this is possible without Upfielders. A team of dedicated individuals, committed to advocating for A Better Plant-Based Future, both at work and at home. We are innovators, we are activists, and we are foodies. We are Generation Plant.

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What we’re doing

Mompreneurs in Asia to develop their small baking businesses – and now plan to extend the programme to other countries.

Upfield’s partnership with Agventure Limited ensures a ready market for over 7,000 small-scale farmers producing canola oil in the Mt Kenya region, along with training to improve soil health.

This year, Upfield sponsored the Vegan Women’s summit. Some of Upfield’s leadership team will be judging on panels during the event and mentoring female founded plantbased businesses beyond it.

Thinking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Happiness is core to our purpose. As a group of passionate foodies, we recognise the joy that food can bring, both at home and at work! Food is our focus – whether that be sourcing, producing, preparing or eating – it’s important to us and our communities. We want to be a positive force championing nutrition, health and sustainability. In 2021 we introduced Plant Grants in the United States to help chefs in the black community to thrive. This year we have introduced two more small holder farmer programs in Africa focused on peanuts and shea. We also committed our canola and peanut programs to the UN Zero Hunger Pledge, a coordinated private sector pledge that aims to tackle the global hunger crisis. Again, this year we supported female entrepreneurs at the Vegan Women’s Summit. Further to that initiative we are introducing our first DE&I policy, setting some clear goals for the future.


  1. Champion social mobility andequity by having an inclusive business, including gender 50:50.
  2. Upfielders are advocates for Upfield’s Purpose and Manifesto in our communities – top 25% eNPS.
  3. Grow Generation Plant in our communities by Upfielders investing 15,000 hours annually volunteering.
  4. Enhance livelihoods of 100,000 small holders and plant-based entrepreneurs.
  5. Improve 40,000 chef’s plantbased knowledge and capability. Build network of 5 million plantbased chefs.

A Better Plant-Based Future

When people choose our plant-based products over of a dairy product, carbon emissions are avoided.
We call that The Upside.
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