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We want the whole world to know about the upside of eating a plant-based diet. We use our brand-led marketing and communications activities to promote the power of plant-based eating.

We sponsor the vegan category at the Emirates Salon Culinaire, a competition that encourages chefs, bakers and hospitality businesses to meet increasing demand for plant-based foods. In 2022 we are sponsoring the World Chef’s Congress, a gathering of more than 2000 chefs from all over the world. Throughout the event we are focusing on educating and supporting chefs to #makeitplant and adopt more plant based choices on their menus.

With our help, the Becel Center for Heart Health in Canada is helping to educate dieticians about the benefits of a plant-based diet so they can support their clients to make the switch.

Plant Grants

In 2020, Flora Plant Butter introduced the “Plant Grants” which offer financial support to restaurant owners of colour to help them come back stronger in a post-COVID world. The Plant Grant provides five chefs with $20,000 to help them create exciting plant-based dishes for their menus and then spread the word about the benefits of plant-based eating, inspiring their communities to make the switch. The programme also connects recipients with a mentor who can coach them through the process.

Supporting Entrepreneurs

We aim to be a positive force within local communities, providing training and grants for people of colour, smallholders and women. We are all Generation Plant, united by a mission to build a better plant-based future.

Ensuring an inclusive transition We support ‘Eat the Change Impact’, a grant-giving programme that works to promote and expand access to climate-friendly foods across the USA. Through Flora Plant Butter, we’ve donated $25,000 to help support a diverse group of changemaking organisations.

In 2019, we began projects supporting Mompreneurs in Indonesia, helping mothers to develop their small baking businesses through recipe support, baking professional education and home deliveries – and provide extra income for their families. In 2020 we reached more than 21,800 women and are now expanding it to other countries.

Supporting Farmers

Country Crock and No-till on the Plains, an agriculture educational non-profit, have partnered on a three-year program to support farmers with soil health education and cost-share to plant cover crops to improve soil health on fields. The initial collaboration will support farmers in the Kansas-area, where Country Crock is made, to cover 13,000 acres in the first year alone.

Cover crops are planted in periods between cash crops to protect the soil during traditional fallow periods. These crops are a valuable resource in regenerative farming practices; they help to prevent soil erosion, increase water infiltration, suppress weeds, break pest cycles, provide nutrients and improve farm profitability. When combined with minimal soil disturbance, cover crops also retain carbon in the soil, which benefits the environment by helping to limit carbon release into the atmosphere.

Perfect for chefs

As well as selling our delicious foods in stores, we cater directly to professional chefs – the foodiest foodies of all. Chefs love the way our products perform and taste as good as (or better than) their dairy counterparts.

That’s why we are trusted by chefs across the world to supply a wide range of innovative, great tasting plant-based products.

Why chefs love our products

The products we make for chefs and the foodservice sector are specially designed to maximise taste and performance while making chefs’ lives easier. For example, our plant-based alternatives to dairy cream are made using innovative ingredients and methods, meaning that they can whip just like dairy cream. But without the dairy. Chefs are looking for ingredients without allergens. We are creating them.

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