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A Better Plant-Based Future

When people choose our plant-based products over of a dairy product, carbon emissions are avoided.
We call that The Upside.
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Better Health

Plant-based food is packed with goodness and can reduce your risk of heart disease – we want to help millions of people live healthier lives by making it accessible to everyone.

As foodies and experts in nutrition, we appreciate the positive impact that following a plant-based diet can have on the global population. Studies show that plant-based diets can reduce risk of cardiovascular disease, hypertension, type 2 diabetes and some cancers. Generation Plant is about embracing the good that plants can do for our bodies, and making it accessible to everybody.

We are firm believers that a plant-based diets are a more healthy, nutritious, and a more accessible way to eat!

What we’re doing

Blue Band is on a mission to ensure a nutritious breakfast is an everyday reality for 100 million school children across Africa and Asia by making it
readily available, affordable, and desirable.

In Canada, we donated $1 to Kind Hearts Fund for every Becel product purchased in spring 2021, providing 100,000 meals to Canadians facing food insecurity.

Flora continues to put its marketing muscle behind World Heart Health Day by backing sporting events around the world, including the Virgin Money London Marathon and a triathlon in Pakistan. In Sri Lanka, the brand developed celebrity-fronted content encouraging people to be more active.

Thinking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Providing optimal nutrition and nourishment to enable healthy lives, in an affordable way is what we are geared towards in 2022. This is especially important as the world continues to face the challenges of the health crisis which is impacting consumers and economies all over the world. Our health-focussed brand Blue Band enables a healthy start to the day and continues to support the Blue Band social mission program – adapting to an online model in 2021 to keep the program going for schools. ProActiv, Flora and Becel continue to focus on heart health programs. We continue to ensure there are no trans-fat in our products and we have also been advocating for equitable trans-fat regulations between plant-based and dairy. Upfield produces affordable plant-based products, and we want to ensure consumers who need them can access them through innovations such as Blue Band sachets and Foodbank donations. We look forward to reporting how many lives we have positively impacted through our brands and actions in 2022.


  1. Invest in new innovations that are affordable for lower socioeconomic consumers so we maintain % C&D consumer base.
  2. Deliver better nourishment by outperforming nutrition benchmarks on saturated fat and salt with no trans-fats.
  3. Provide balanced nutrition and education to 100 million children.
  4. Enable 50 million adults to lower their risk of heart disease by offering healthier products plus nutrition education.
  5. Enable an active lifestyle and improve functional health for 50 million adults.
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