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We are Generation Plant, and we care about what we put into our bodies. We want delicious, nutritious foods that help us grow and flourish.

Multiple studies show that eating more plants and less meat or dairy can help to reduce the risk of type 2 diabetes, hypertension, cardiovascular disease and some forms of cancer. This is said to be due to the increased amount of fibre and a better quality of fats in a plant-based diet, amongst other micronutrients. In 2021, over €1bn of sales came from products with nutrition or health claims, or that promote health benefits, including products with low-calorie options, added vitamins, calcium and omega 3 and 6, and plant sterols for heart health.

Healthy and delicious – what’s not to love?

Heart health

Our ProActiv range is a leader in the heart health space, containing plant sterols. These are found naturally in plant oils, fruits and vegetables. They work by reducing the amount of cholesterol absorbed by your gut. This reduces the amount of cholesterol in your bloodstream, resulting in lower levels of LDL (bad) cholesterol.

The power of plants!

In 2020, we celebrated ProActiv supporting 100 million hearts since its launch.

The Becel Centre for Heart Health (BCHH) has been a leading healthy eating and heart health resource for health professionals in Canada for over 30 years. When the pandemic disrupted Canadians’ lives and eating habits in 2020, BCHH tapped into its long-standing relationships with registered dietitians (RDs) to create new resources written by RDs for RDs on plant-based eating and improved heart health outcomes and help them reach consumers in new ways. Working with a steering committee of registered dietitians, new tools and downloadable resources on nutrition, plant-based eating, healthy fats and a balanced diet, cholesterol and heart health, sustainability and healthy living are now on the BCHH website, social media and shared through webinars to support RDs in their busy practices. Once again, BCHH is leading the way to heart health through the science of plant-based eating. Why not take a look for yourself.

In 2021, Flora sponsored the Virgin Money London Marathon which has been a staple of nutrition plans for runners since the 1960s.