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A Better Plant-Based Future

When people choose our plant-based products over of a dairy product, carbon emissions are avoided.
We call that The Upside.
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We make the tastiest plant-based food on the planet and want to get it onto everyone’s plates.

Whether it is for health reasons, or to do more to help the planet, more and people are turning to plant-based foods. We want to accelerate the switch and are inventing new products and exploring new categories while putting taste first. Always!

We’ve recently entered several new categories with exciting product launches including Flora Plant Butter, plant-based creams and even plant-based Violife Cocospread. We’re opening a dedicated research and development centre in Wageningen, Netherlands, to keep pushing the boundaries.

So what is a plant-based diet?

Plant-based diets are meal plans that contain a large amount of plants. They do not have to be strictly vegan. They do not have to be vegetarian. Reducing the amount of meat and dairy within your diet already sets you on a path toward a plant-based diet. Generation Plant uses simple swaps to reduce the amount of meat and dairy in their diets, like using plant margarine instead of dairy butter.

Check out our policy position for A Better Plant-Based Future here to find out more.

A plant-based diet is more traditional than you would think. Heritage eating patterns like the Mediterranean diet are much lower in meat and dairy, and mainly consist of healthy, plant-based foods including plant oils. The same is true for traditional diets in large parts of Africa, Rural China and the Nordics.

The future of food is plant-based – and it tastes incredible!

What we’re doing


In 2021, our Rama consumer brand relaunched it’s 100% plant-based, lactose-free cream range in Germany with an improved graphic design in a new paper-based, recyclable pot format. Around 800,000 households were reached through a marketing campaign that saw Rama quickly become Germany’s second-best-selling plant-based cream brand.

On 2021 across the Nordic countries, Lätta successfully relaunched the core portfolio to a 100% palm oil-free recipe, an important consumer choice in the region. After years of decline in a mature market, the brand, gained 0.5% market share.

We continue to drive for better taste, better health and better planet through innovations. We’re opening a dedicated research and development centre in Wageningen, Netherlands.

Thinking Ahead

Looking Ahead

Driving the adoption of plant-based foods is what we do everyday through innovation, inspiration and improving the taste and performance of our plant-based foods. We offer something for everyone, whether you’re vegan, vegetarian or flexitarian and whether you’re concerned about sustainability, nutrition, or inclusion. In 2021 we launched new plant-based creams, continued to increase the naturalness of our products, while simplifying our ingredients, diversifying our plant oils and launching new brands e.g., VIOBLOCK. We also entered into new strategic partnerships with OGGs and Change Foods to increase to support our ambition to drive plant-based adoption. And in 2022 Violife launched the Change Your Cheese campaign, inspiring more people to understand the carbon impact of their food choice. We continue to champion a level-playing field for plant-based foods throughout the world and encourage you to join us in doing so. We look forward to reporting our progress towards 1 billion!


  1. Build purposeful ‘Power Brands’ that inspire and educate people to move to plant-based foods.
  2. Increase category impact and availability to make it easier for consumers to choose plant-based foods.
  3. Always launch tastier and better performing plant-based products.
  4. 100% plant-based by 2025.
  5. Migrate to 100% natural ingredients portfolio with simpler clean labels by 2025.
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