Upfield’s priority is to build a sustainable business that delivers a positive, sustainable impact through all critical touchpoints, including our supply chains, our operations, and our interactions with communities around the world. We are committed to leading and taking a position in responsible sourcing / supply chain, use of resources, and production. We do this because it’s the right thing to do, it holds us accountable, and creates a more durable business for the long-term that we can all be proud of.

Read A Better Plant-Based Future policy position.

Environmental Footprint

Upfield’s commitment to the environment is central to our Purpose, which is to make plant-based foods that are better for the planet. We are passionate about helping people embrace more sustainable food choices and transforming our own environmental footprint — from the natural ingredients we source from farmers across the world, to the production, transportation, packaging and use of our products.

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We think it’s important for consumers to be able to choose products with lower climate impact. For more information, read our position on carbon labelling here.

Responsible Sourcing

We rely on ingredients such as palm oil, sunflower oil, rapeseed oil and olive oil to make our products. As such, we need to ensure that we source our ingredients responsibly and sustainably. We are a member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil, meaning that we comply with their requirements not to contribute to any deforestation, destruction of habitats, or loss of biodiversity.

Read our Responsible Sourcing Policy.

Palm Oil

Palm oil is a key ingredient in the Upfield product portfolio, and we believe that the sustainable palm oil we use is preferable to other oil alternatives when looking at it from a combined environmental, taste and performance, and health perspective. The cornerstone of our sustainability platform ensures that the palm oil used in our products is not only sustainably sourced, but that Upfield helps drive transformational change in the palm oil sector. We are a proud member of the Roundtable on Sustainable Palm Oil (RSPO) and directly purchase 100% physically certified sustainable palm oil in our products, and hold our supply chain accountable for no deforestation effects.

Read our Palm Oil Policy   |   Palm Oil Mill List   |   Palm Oil Grievance Tracker


Upfield is wholly committed to responsibly sourcing its ingredients, including palm oil, soybean oil, and packaging materials such as pulp and paper, and vets partners to verify compliance with our policies and maintain transparency. By doing this, we ensure deforestation doesn’t take place due to the Upfield supply chain and help to drive industry transformation.

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“We will not compromise when it comes to doing what’s right for our people and our planet. We uphold a strong commitment to responsible sourcing.”

Dr Jeanette Fielding, Chief Corporate Affairs & Communications Officer

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Quality products that taste great and perform well is our highest responsibility.

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Community Involvement

Upfield in the Community.

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