Speak Up and Compliance Advice

Speak Up

This system is operated by our external provider People in Touch. It makes it very easy and safe for you to let us know anything you think is not right at Upfield or at its business partners in ethical or legal respects or anything that is not in line with our values. For example, this could concern all areas mentioned in our Code of Business Policies (CoBP), such as workplace issues, unsafe working conditions, lacking product quality, conflicts of interest, financial or auditing concerns, theft, bribery or abuse of Upfield assets.

When you click the button “Report an Incident” below, you are directly transferred to the external server of the provider. The system allows you to enter messages by phone (toll free) or by text without recording of a telephone number, an IP address or your location and country, so that you can remain entirely anonymous. Only the text of your message is forwarded to the Upfield Chief Compliance Officer, a copy is provided to the General Counsel and to the CEO.

Your messages are crucial for the identification and reduction of risks for our work environment and for the growth of Upfield.

If you want to deliver a Speak-Up message without remaining anonymous, you can do so by talking to your line manager or by contacting the compliance team in the three ways described below.

Upfield operates a Speakup- and Non-Retaliation Policy that is binding for all associates and levels without exception.

Report an Incident

Contact Compliance Team

If you have an ethics or compliance question, for example on gifts and invitations, or if you have an enquiry regarding any area of our Code or on any other of our compliance policies, there are three main alternatives. You can:

  1. contact any member of the compliance team
  1. email compliance@Upfield.com
  1. enter your message into the section below

You are also much invited to help us to develop and adjust the Compliance programme and tailor it to your business requirements by adding your ideas and suggestions.

Simply select the option from the dropdown below to begin.

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