Inspiring professional chefs everyday

Upfield Professional

Our chefs develop ingredients, products and services that help professionals create delicious food, and manage the complexity and budget constraints of modern catering.

With a portfolio of plant-based spreads and creams, Upfield Professional is servicing the restaurant, hotel, bakery and canteen industry.

Our Brands


Flora blends nutritious seed oils to offer a range of spreads that give all the benefits of plant goodness with the taste people love.


The secret ingredient of great bakers since 1920!

Fluffy cakes, golden scones, delicious biscuits, Stork has been a staple in
kitchens for almost a 100 years, making baking taste better.


For cooking, baking and frying in a convenient 250g format.


Use like butter, or use like cream. Meadowland stands up to the demands of the professional kitchen.

Summer County

Great value spread trusted for generations.

I can’t believe it’s not butter

For cooking, baking, frying and Spreading.