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A Better Plant-Based Future

When people choose our plant-based products over of a dairy product, carbon emissions are avoided. We call that The Upside.

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Protect Nature

We are innovators of lower-carbon, sustainably-sourced, better-packaged products.

By creating great-tasting alternatives to animal-derived products, we’re helping consumers cut their carbon footprint. There’s more that we can do to cut ours too: we are taking action with a goal of being better than net zero on carbon and waste.

There is no plastic in nature, so we don’t think there should be any in our packaging either so by 2030, our packaging will be 95% plastic-free. We are committed to 100% sourcing responsibly – and won’t work with suppliers that contribute to deforestation or exploitation – and make sure our ingredients are sourced sustainably.

What we’re doing

In 2021 we introduced on-pack carbon labelling to 120 million packs of our plant-based spreads, margarines, plant-based butters, and plant-based creams, breaking our 2020 target. We have now set our target to hit half a billion packs by 2025

Upfield have a strategic partnership with Starling, using innovative satellite monitoring technology to map the location of mills within our global supply chain and identify where deforestation may be occurring.

We are passionate about soil health and are working with partners to spread the word to soybean farmers in Kansas, where Country Crock™ is made.

Thinking Ahead

Looking Ahead

In 2021 we announced the Upside which is a newly developed carbon footprint portfolio method that allow as us to demonstrate the positive impact of our dairy alternative products through the three important measures of carbon emissions, water and land usage, and we plan to continue to measure our impact. We have also continued to implement our carbon labelling on packs around the world enabling consumers to have the facts to make more sustainable choices. Finally, responsible sourcing of our priority ingredients has been a strong focus for years and in 2022 we focus on maintaining 100% responsible sourcing of soy, palm, pulp and paper, shea and coconut with additional programs on shea and coconut. In 2022 we joined the Sustainable Coconut & Coconut Oil Roundtable, working to increase traceability, improve the livelihoods of coconut farmers, and protect nature & ecosystems.


  1. Better than net zero by 2050 (by 2030; carbon neutral for Upfield’s business, and 25% reduction in total footprint)
  2. Communicate benefit of plant-based food by labelling carbon emission on 500 million products pack by 2025
  3. Reduce our environmental impact including 50% waste reduction and zero waste to landfill
  4. Eliminate 95% of plastic content in all our packaging
  5. No deforestation or exploitation – 100% responsible sourcing by 2025